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Who am I? Like Jung said, "you are what you do". So, click these thumbnails below to find out who I am.
Digital artist is something I always wished I was. I thought I was going to be one, when I did this Golconda piece clone in 2008, or this mycelium project clone in 2010, but - let's be honest - those were imitations of art. Oh well, maybe one day, Sasha...
Back in 2009, when people used Flash to make websites, I was on the team that made some of these websites for Artyso. I think about these websites as something we'd call "web applicaitons" today, and not psd templates converted to html + swf. Not at all :)
I have always sought for projects that were something more than psd2swf conversion. For example, this interactive AR thing for Proje Calide, one of the best things that happened to me as a freelancer in 2011. This project used very simple IK and CV algorithms (and could have been much better if we used Kinect instead :)
For the short time FLARToolKit have made black and white markers popular for AR applicaitons. FLARToolKit itself, however, had licensing problems, performance problems and restrictive marker requirements, so I tried to work around that with my own free AR tracker.
I was firm Flash 3D believer since its early fake 3D days. These days Flash can actually use your GPU for 3D, and so can browser itself, too. Any way, I do post cool 3D things to my blog sometimes (or so I think).
I was one of those people inspired by Bret Victor's talk enough to spend a year working on real life livecoding tool. This project gave me valuable lessons in product development, as well as some unexpected Java experience.
With WebGL technology exploding lately I've decided to do old-school first-person shooter to get better idea of all the challenges involved. You can read post-mortem blog post or check out watered-down version at three.js site.